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AGE: – Antique – exact age unknown
CONSTRUCTION: – Possibly Huanghuali Wood, marble base and mother of pearl inlay
DESCRIPTION: – Vietnamese Wood Marble Mother Pearl Table Screen – age related minor scratches.

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A Beautiful Vietnamese Wood Marble Mother Pearl Table Screen, showing a water scene typical of those found in both Chinese and Vietnamese paintings. The table screen sits on a wooden base with a marble center panel.

Two dragons are superbly carved on the top of the screen with a central yin yang motif in mother of pearl. The screen resembles an open scroll which exposes a scene in the daily life of those in the boat and their surrounds.

Mother of pearl decorate both the edges of the scroll and again on the rounded scroll side sections. The central scene is superbly inlaid with mother of pearl. Two carved qilin decorate the bottom of the screen, flanked by what appears to be a Taotie mask in the centre. The screen is supported by two carved lion guardian feet.

The wood on this table screen is possibly Huanghuali wood. Huanghuali wood is considered to be the king of hardwoods. Many antique Chinese and Vietnamese furniture surviving today are made from Huanghuali wood. Most Huanghuali wood trees are found on Hainan Island, on China’s south coast, Thailand and southern Vietnam. These are the only areas today in which this wood is found.

Furniture made from this wood is highly prized and is an expensive hardwood.

The meaning of Huanghuali: ‘huang’ refers to the yellowish-brown colour of the wood whilst the term ‘huali’ means ‘flowering pear’. Colours can range from a pale honey to a purple brown. The wood has a distinctive grain which is reminiscent of mountain landscape and has a golden sheen when polished, giving it an almost translucent quality. It is also resistant to wood eating insects. The marble panel is similar to the marble coming from the Dali area in China. A marble that is highly prized for its unique ethereal like patterns resembling mountains and scenes from nature.

Vietnamese Wood Marble Mother Pearl Table Screen
Top View Carving Vietnames Antique Table Screen
Base view Antique Vietnames wood and marble Table screen
Back view antique Vietnames wood and marble table screen
Close view marble Vietnames Table Screen
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