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AGE: – Possibly early 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Unique Pair Marble Guardian Lions

HEIGHT: – 22.5cm
WIDTH: – 14.5cm
DEPTH: – 18.5cm
WEIGHT: – 8.55 kg each
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A Unique Unique Pair Marble Guardian Lions sourced in Burma, sharing some similarities with those from Thailand, China, Laos and Cambodia.

Usually the Burmese Chinthe does not show the foot resting on a ball, nor is it seen with a large mane. These features are more often seen in Chinese Guardian lions. The face is similar to the Burmese Chinthe, although the decorative touches on the Burmese Chinthe are usually painted yellow or gold.

The Chinthe, lion like creatures, are often seen in pairs in Burma guarding the entrance to temples or monasteries. In China and Thailand they are often seen at the entrance of a pagodas or temples. The Chinthe and the peacock are used symbolically on the royal thrones of Burma and like all mythical creatures there is a myth or story related to them.

The story behind the Burmese Chinthe:

A princes gave birth to a son through her marriage to a lion, she later left the lion who became extremely angry and terrorized the country. The son of the princess set out to slay the lion, whereupon he returned to his mother telling her that he killed the lion. After killing the lion he found out that the lion was actually his father. The son then created a statue of the lion guardian to guard the temple to atone for his bad deed.

Unique Pair Marble Guardian Lions
Pair Burmese Lion Guardians - Chinthe 19th Century
Back side view Burmese marble Lion Guardians 19th Century
Face View Burmese Lion Guardians
Burmese Lion Guardians 19th Century
Face view Burmese Lion Guardians 2 189th Century
Back view Pair Burmese marble Lion Guardians 19th Century
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