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Unique Antique Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue

AGE: – Pre 16th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Unique Antique Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 83cm
WIDTH: – 42cm
DEPTH: – 28cm
WEIGHT:– 39 kg.
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Unique Antique Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue seated on a double lotus pedestal with figures underneath in relief depicting the daughters of Mara, scantily clad, dancing seductively in front of the Buddha, with the right hand in Bhumisparsa mudra, the gesture of  “calling the earth to witness”.

Mara, sometimes referred to as the “Lord of Death” or the “tempter” and his daughters is related to one of the main events in the life of the Buddha and his enlightenment. Whilst the Buddha was meditating Mara tried to seduce, tempt and thwart Gautama path to enlightenment with the vision of beautiful women.
Mara is also one of the earliest non human figures mentioned in Buddhist scriptures. Each of Mara’s daughters represent the different aspects of the human condition such as desire, greed, delusion, discontentment and passion. The demon Mara in Hindu mythology has three daughters, but some stories refer to five daughter, the other two include the daughters Fear and pride.

This statue shows five female figures with the daughters Pride and Fear seated at either end.

Mara’s claim to the seat of enlightenment was threatened by the future Buddha’s enlightenment, so he brought all his armies in the form of demons to confront Siddhartha,  whereupon Mara challenged Siddhartha Gautama by asking “Who will speak for you? The Buddha stretched his arm out and touched the earth with his fingers, and the earth itself spoke saying, “I bear you witness”, after which Mara disappeared.

The above events in the life of the Buddha are depicted in paintings, Buddhist iconography and this rare bronze Pagan Buddhist Stele

Unique Antique Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue
Unique antique Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue
Back view Burmese Bronze view Pagan Buddha Statue
Side view Burmese Bronze Pagan style Buddha Statue
Side view face Burmese Bronze Pyu Buddha Statue
Side view Base Burmese Bronze Pagan Style Buddha Statue
Daughters of Mara dancing on the Base of Burmese Bronze buddha Statue
Dancing figues in relief on Base of Burmese Buddha Statue
Bumisparsa Mudra Burmese Bronze Pyu Buddha Statue
Bronze Burmese Pagan Buddha Statue Mara's Daughters
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