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AGE: – Unknown
CONSTRUCTION: – wood box – bronze bell and vajra
DESCRIPTION: – Tibetan Ritual Vajra | Bell In Wooden Case – Stones missing around base of wooden box.

WIDTH: – 13cm
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Tibetan Ritual Vajra | Bell In Wooden Case – the Vagra (Sanskrit) for scepter is a metal five pronged (sometimes nine pronged) object used in Buddhist rituals. The Vajra is also seen in the hand of the earliest Tibetan deity Vajrapani in his wrathful form. Vajrapani is the protector and guide of the Buddha and is a Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. The vajra is always accompanied by a bell with a similar style handle to the two ends of the vajra.

This bell is decorated with Buddhist symbols and images of the Buddha seated in the lotus position with different hand gestures (mudra’s). A row of vertical vajra’s circle the bell near the base and a horizontal row above the Buddhist symbols. The Buddha and Buddhist symbols circle the centre of the bell.

Representations of lotus flowers circles the top section of the bell and again repeated on the two arms in the centre of the vajra. The wooden case shows a metal strip circling the bottom with a pressed scrolling pattern and stones which could be coral and turquoise. Two missing stones, the hinge in need of repair and the metal has some verdigris.

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Tibetan Ritual Vajra | Bell In Wooden Case
Tibetan Wooden Bell & Vajra wooden box
Tibetan Bell and Vajra wooden box 3
Tibetan bronze Bell & Vajra
Tibetan Bell in Wooden Case
Tibetan Bell and Vajra wooden box 2
Close view hing Nepalese V
Tibetan bronze bell
Tibetan Bronze Buddhist Bell and vagra
Stones around Tibetan wooden box
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