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AGE: – 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Conch shell
DESCRIPTION: – Tibetan Carved Trumpet Conch Shell Deity Vajrabhairava

LENGTH: – 20cm
WIDTH:– 11cm
WEIGHT:– 700 gms.

Tibetan Carved Trumpet Conch Shell Hindu Deities – The conch shell is traditionally used in Nepal and Tibet to call the monks to religious assembly. They are also used in rituals, a vessel to contain holy water and as a musical instrument. The conch shell is also considered a symbol of power, sovereignty and authority. When blowing into the conch shell it is thought to avert natural disasters, banish malevolent spirits and to scare away creatures that could cause harm.

Tibetan Carved Trumpet Conch Shell Hindu Deities
Nepalese Carved Deity Conch Shell
Side view Nepalese Carved Hindu Deity Conch Shell
Right side View Nepalese Carved Conch Shell with Hindu Deities
Front view Nepalese Conch Shell with Carved Hindu eities
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