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AGE: 19th Century – 19th to early 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood, glass mosaic
DESCRIPTION: – Thai Wooden Standing Buddha Statue, hair curls missing, other age related wear.

HEIGHT: – 88cm
WIDTH:– 27cm
WEIGHT:– 4.95 kg.
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19th to early 20th Century Thai Wooden Standing Buddha Statue decorated with a band of coloured green and white glass mosaics around the forehead with a central medallion in the centre front, and a broad rounded usnisha. Floral scrolls of thayo lacquer and glass mosaics decorate the edges of the lapel and robe.

The left hand holds the hem of the robe outwards in the gesture of welcoming with the right hand gesture in abhaya mudra, the gesture of fearlessness.

The dress style is very similar to many of the Mandalay style standing Buddha statues and the face typical of the Thai Buddha style originating from the north west of Thailand, in the province of Mae Hong Son, in the Shan Hills sharing a border with Burma.

During the colonial occupation by the British in Burma, many Burmese labourers were transported to Northern Thailand to work in the teak forests, many of these people settled in this area, developing their own unique style of carving Buddha Statues.

Large crack around the neck, but the head is still attached to the body.
Small crack on top of the right wrist.
Lacquer on the head is brittle and has come away in places (See picture).
Original lacquer coating on the body has fallen away in places and brittle with some gilding still remaining.
Fresh break on right hand corner of the robe (missing in shipment)

Thai Wooden Standing Buddha Statue

Thai Wooden Standing Buddha Statue
Side view Thai Wooded Standing Buddha Statue
Feet view Thai Wooden Standing Buddha Statue
Antique Thai Standing Wood Buddha Statue
Back view Thai Wooden Standing Buddha Statue
Close view of front Thai Buddha Statue
Back head view Thai Wooden Buddha Statue
Close view Thai Wooden Buddha Statue
Face side view Thai Wooden Antique Wooden Standing buddha Statue
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