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AGE: – Unknown
CONSTRUCTION: – Terracotta
DESCRIPTION: – Thai Buddhist Terracotta Votive Tablet

HEIGHT: – 11.5cm
WIDTH:– 7.5cm
WEIGHT:– 200gms
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Thai Buddhist Terracotta Votive Tablet with a central image of the Buddha seated on a high stepped pedestal with the hand gesture in Dhyana Mudra, the gesture of meditation. Amulets such as these are popular in Thailand, Burma and in many other Asian countries where there is a Thai, Burmese or Nepalese population.

Some Buddhist amulets are very small and made to be worn around the neck to avoid bad luck or misfortune. This particular amulet is not one for wearing around the neck, but due to its size more so for carrying or placing on an alter similar to the Thai terracotta votive placque.

It is believed that these amulets hold magical powers to bring good luck and good fortune, or to enhance and improve relationships, or to improve ones health and are often given in return for a donation to the temple and usually blessed by a monk.

This Buddhist Terracotta Amulet has a stamp on the back of a Garuda which is the emblem of Thailand and also of Indonesia. Real gold leaf has been stuck to both the front and the back of this Buddhist amulet.

Thai Buddhist Terracotta Votive Tablet
Terracotta Thai Buddhist Amulets
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Thai Buddhist Terracotta Amulet
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