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AGE: – Unknown writing on the back may indicate age
CONSTRUCTION: – Bronze, brass frame gilded
DESCRIPTION: – Thai Bronze Buddhist Votive Plaque

HEIGHT: – Shrine: 40cm – bronze Plaque: 31cm
WIDTH:– Shrine: 20.5cm – Bronze Plaque: 10cm
DEPTH: – Shrine: 9cm
WEIGHT:– 2.1 Kg.
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Thai Bronze Buddhist Votive Plaque mounted into a decorative gilded metal frame resembling entrances and roof lines of many Thai temples.

The figure of the walking Buddha first appeared in Thailand in the 13th Century, and is a feature seen in Thai art up until present times. This Buddha image in this bronze plate is typical of the Sukhothai style with oval face, long smooth limbs, flowing robes and broad shoulders. The decorative gilded frame in which the plate is mounted is metal, possibly brass.
A picture of a similar plaque or tablet to this can be seen in the book ““Siamese Votive Tablets” written by G. Goedes and translated into English by W. A. Graham.

Mr. Goedes was a 20th century French scholar of southeast Asian archaeology and history specializing in the history of the Khmer Empire. The walking Buddha image is discussed on page 15, with Plate XIII showing a picture similar to this plaque. In this book G. Coedes describes the Buddha in this pose as that of the walking Buddha, popularly supposed to safeguard buildings against fire.

The script on the back for those who can read this script may render more information about this Buddhist plaque. A similar terracotta plaque to this one would more than likely have been placed on an alter in a home or temple – acquired in Singapore in 1973.

Thai Bronze Buddhist Votive Plaque
Antique Thai Buddha Statues & Amulets
Side view Thai Shrine Bronze Buddhist Plaque
Thai script on Buddhist Plaque
Back Thai Buddhist Bronze Plaque
Thai Bronze Buddist Plaque
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