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AGE: – 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Thai Bone Amulet Carved Phallic Talisman

LENGTH: – 17cm
WIDTH:– 2cm
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Thai Bone Amulet Carved Phallic Talisman – sacred religious object, the bone is possibly Boar tusk.

Hunters from ancient times throughout Asia have given special significance to the animals they hunted by using a piece of bone from the animal.

The bone was usually carved into shapes such as a tiger or a phallic shape, almost anything that represents power and strength. Often these pieces were carved with symbolic writing and blessed or consecrated by a monk who practices this form of magic.

A talisman such as this would have been used as a charm by Buddhists and Hindus to expel bad spirits and to bring good luck.

About Thai Buddhist amulets

Thai Bone Amulet Carved Phallic Talisman
Side view Thai Buddhist bone Amulet, Talisman
Thai Bone Buddhist Amulet Talisman
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