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AGE: – Tang style – possibly Qing Dynasty
CONSTRUCTION: – Terracotta
DESCRIPTION: – Tang Style Green Glazed Terracotta Vessel – glaze worn in areas

HEIGHT: – 16.5cm
WEIGHT:– 1.9 kg.
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A Tang Style Green Glazed Terracotta Vessel such as this were used in rituals and in burial chambers by the ancient Chinese. This “liding” consists of two handles in the shape of an elephant head and trunk with three legs also in the shape of an elephant head decorated with floral motifs on the body. Elephant ears seen on such vessels can signify ownership by that of a Mandarin court officer or chief minister referred to as a Zaixiang.

The Zaixiang, also referred to as Xiangye holds the rank of a Prime minister or Chancellor, a close advisor to the Emperor during most of the reigns. They held a variety of official duties in the administrative hierarchy. The Zaixiang’s rank is similar to that of a duke or a marquise. Those whose station was below this had to bow to a Zaixing.

The ancestors of the Chinese are believed to have an influence over those that are still living, therefore, the practice of offerings were, and to this current day still made to the ancestors in vessels similar to this style in brass, bronze and copper.

Animals and mythological creatures such as dragons, elephants, fish and birds decorated many of these vessels.

Short history of Tang Dynasty

Chinese Tang Dynasty Bowl Elephant feet
Side three Tang Dynasty Green Glaze Stoneware Bowl
Close view inside Chinese Tang DynastyGreen Glazed Bowl
Inside view Dynasty Green Glazed Bowl
Close view rim Tang Dynasty Vessel
magnified view Green Glazed Tang Dynasty Vessel
Close view crazing Tang Dynanst Green Bowl
Chinese Tang Dynasty Green Stoneware Bowl
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