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Tai Yai Art Shan Wooden Buddha Statue

AGE: Late 18th – early 19th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood, glass mosaics, glass beads
DESCRIPTION: – Tai Yai Art Shan Wooden Burmese Buddha Statue – Damage to the base on the right hand side, cracked with signs of repair. (see pictures)

HEIGHT: – 102cm
WIDTH: – 50cm
DEPTH: – 30cm
WEIGHT: – 31.65 kg.
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A beautiful and spectacular large wooden Tai Yai Art Shan Wooden Buddha Statue seated on a thin waisted tall curved pedestal. This Shan Buddha statue is resplendently dressed with glass beads and glass mosaics decorating the entire body. A thayo lacquer geometric design decorates the lower part of the body, whilst the upper part is in a fish scale pattern.

Glass mosaics form the geometric pattern on the lower half of the body and legs on both the front and back. The fish scale pattern on the arms and back of the head is decorated with green glass mosaics. Floral scrolls in thayo lacquer decorate the front and sides of the pedestal. A large pointed finial in the shape of a stupa sits on top of a curved usnisha with a lotus petal decoration in thayo lacquer.

Coloured glass bead medallions decorate the pedestal with decorative medallions in the centre of the upper body on the front and back. Coloured red beads run down the centre of the sash extending from the front medallions. A tiered row of flanges extend from both shoulders and elbows. Fully gilded with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa Mudra.

The Shan people of Burma also referred to as Tai are the most widely spread ethnic group of people in Myanmar and nearby countries. In central Myanmar Shan communities are found around Ava, Pinya and Sagaing. They have a rich cultural heritage with skilled artisans that produced the most beautiful and ornate Thai Yai Art style Buddha Statues in bronze, wood, alabaster as well as the light and durable hollow lacquer Buddha statue.

Tai Yai Art Shan Wooden Burmese Buddha Statue

Tai Yai Art - Shan Wooden Burmese Buddha Statue 8th - 19th Century

Side view Tai Yai Art Burmese Buddha Statue 18th - 19th Century

Tai Yai Art Shan Buddha Statue

Hand gesture Burmese Wooden Shan Buddha Statue

Back view Burmese Tai Yai Shan Buddha Statue

Tai Yai Art Shan Wooden Buddha Statue
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