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AGE: – Antique
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood and metal
DESCRIPTION: – Sumatran Pedang Sword | Carved Kala-Makara Shaped Grip

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Sumatran Pedang Sword with Wooden Carved Kala-Makara shaped Grip. The material used in the grip is likely wood, unable to identify the wood as it has a thick coating of some kind of resin or lacquer. The pamor shows a traditional forged pattern seen in many keris and rarely seen in this style of Pedang sword with a European style iron hand-guard with a protective iron cover on the tip of the sheath which appears to be leather.

The Kala-Makara is a legendary sea creature in Hindu mythology, half terrestrial animal with an aquatic shaped hind part with the face seen without a lower jaw symbolizing a combination of two forces that exist in nature. Kala is the power of the sun and Makara the power of the earth.

This Makara style grip is also seen on Ceylonese Sinhalese swords.

Sumatran Pedang Sword | Carved Kala-Makara Shaped Grip
Sumatran Sword Carved Makala Grip
Sumatran Pedang Sword Keris Side 1
Side Two Balde On Sumatran Pedang Sword
European Style Iron Handgrip On Sumatran Sword
Forged Keris Style Pamor On Blade
Sumatran Pedang Sword Keris
Wooden Carved Kala-Makala Carved Grip
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