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AGE:- Antique Keris Blade 19th Century, Hilt and Grip 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION:- Steel blade, Wooden hilt and Sheath
DESCRIPTION:- Sumatran/Malay Straight Bladed Keris Bugis

LENGTH:- 53cm
WEIGHT:- 600 gms
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Sumatran/Malay Straight Bladed Keris Bugis with wooden Sheath and grip. Whilst we think the blade on this keris with a fine circular patterned pamor is more than one hundred years old, the sheath and grip are not original and made at a later date.

Many of these keris’ were made in Palembang in south Sumatra where the keris makers were able to procure a lot of iron from the Buginese. The finished product was then traded with areas all over the archipelago.

At the start of the 19th Century kris forging became a rare occupation and steel was often derived from discarded Chinese cooking pots or ship chains and mixed with smaller units of nickeliferous iron imported from Sulawesi in the form of rough machetes.

According to the author David Dan Duuren in the book “The Kris”, he states that nine out of then Sumatran kris’ show hilts with hilts shaped like birds or birdmen, and that the Sumatran blades were often more slender and graceful, more like the Javanese style keris rather than the Sulewesi type.

A great website to learn more about the Keris.

Sumatran/Malay Straight Bladed Keris Bugis
Straight Bladed Sumatral Or Malay Keris Bugis
Malay - Sumatran Straight Bladed Bugis Keris
Antique Malay - Indonesian Keris
Straight Blade On Malay Or Sumatran Keris
Sumatran Or Malay Keris Bugis
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