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Sukhothai Buddha Statue

AGE: – About 80 years old
DESCRIPTION: – Good condition

HEIGHT: – 30cm
WIDTH: – 23cm
DEPTH: – 13cm
WEIGHT: – 3.95 kg.

Sukhothai Buddha Statue

Sukhothai Buddha image can be divided into three era’s:

  • 1st era was influenced by India and the Kmer
  • 2nd era was the golden era and the most developed
  • 3rd era, Buddha images are still created in the same style as before

The main characteristics of the Sukhothai Buddha sculpture

    • He has oval face
    • Arched eyebrows
    • slightly smiling mouth
    • A hook nose
    • Head is in proportion to the body
    • Small curls (knobs) for hair
    • aureole looks like a flame
    • Very broad shoulders
    • Slim waisted
    • Bulging Chest
    • Slender arms
    • Humanistic fingers, hands and toes
    • The robe ends at the abdomen

In the reign of Praya Li during the golden age in Thailand, he researched the characteristic of the Buddha from various religious scriptures, he sought out the most highly skilled craftsmen. The most outstanding features of the Sukhothai Buddha image of the golden age is the flame radius, it is large, the Unalom is U shaped between the eyebrows, and he has long slender arms, long slender fingers which are of equal length, excluding the thumb and has an extremely calm demeanour.

Sukhothai Buddha Statue

Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue

Side view of Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue

Back view of Sukhothai Brass Buddha Statue

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