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South East Asian Buddhist Iconography
Lava Stone Head Of Hindu God Brahma

Indonesian Lava stone head of Hindu God Brahma
9th - 10th Centry

Indonesian Borobudur Stone Buddha Head

Antique Indonesian Borobudur Stone Buddha Head
8th - 10th Century
Height; 37cm

Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue - Buimisparsa Mudra

Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue
Height: 24cm

Indian Jain Shrine Tirthankara

Indian Jain Shrine Tirthankara
Height: 20.5cm

Indonesian Borobudur Stone Head

Indonesian Borobudur Stone Buddha Head
Height: 34cm

Burmese Marble Buddha Statue Seated On Double Lotus Throne 18th Century

Rare Antique Marble Thai Lanna Buddha Statue
18th - 19th Century
Height: 79cm

Terracotta Thai Buddhist Amulet

Terracotta Thai Buddhist Amulets
Height: 11.5cm

Burmese Shan Buddha Statue On Throne 18th Century

Thai Lanna Marble Buddha Statue
18th - 19th Century
Height: 64cm

Thai Terracotta Vitive Tablet Walking Buddha

Thai Terracotta Votive Tablet Walking Buddha
Height: 39cm

Antique Thai Buddha Statues & Amulets

Thai Shrine Bronze Buddhist Plaque/Shrine
Height: 40cm

Bronze Thai Standing Monk Statue

Bronze Thai walking Monks statue
Height: 38.5cm

Thai Sukothai Black Buddha Statue

Front view Thai Sukothai Buddha Statue
Height: 29cm

South East Asian Buddhist Iconography

A collection of  South East Asian Buddhist Iconography from various parts of Asia include bone Amulets, Buddhist charms, Buddhist temple shrines and a couple of Borobudur Stone heads, acquired by us over a period of more than forty years.

Amulets and charms are extremely popular with Thai people as well as those from Nepal, Tibet, Indonesia and Malaysia, there is a thriving market for clay amulets for hanging around the neck, carrying and for placing on altars.

Other Buddhist Amulets and charms are especially made for a donating to the local temple or monastery, and are often blessed by a Buddhist monk to help the wearer or the owner of the amulet overcome any adversities that cross their path as well as helping to improve relationships, health, love, wealth and marriage.

Amulet will usually have an image of the Buddha and are made from many different materials such as bone, plaster, wood and metal. Some amulets contain special relics of revered monks or ashes from incense or pieces from an old monastery or temple.

Some amulets are also thought to have magic powers which ward of evil.

Interesting articles related to Thai Buddhist Amulets, votive plaques and tablets sometimes referred to as Tsa Tsa.

The Siamese give the name Brah Bimb or “Sacred Imprints” to certain small Buddhist effigies aptly described by Mr. A. Foucher, as “simple lumps of clay moulded or stamped with the stroke of a die, serving equally as mementos and as ex-votos”….

Information related to Siamese Votive Tablets

South East Asian Buddhist Iconography

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