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AGE: – 19th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Teak wood, alabaster head, hands and feet, metal regalia
DESCRIPTION: – Royal King Teak Wood Alabaster Buddha Statue with full metal regalia, thayo lacquer and glass mosaic decoration. Age related wear.

HEIGHT: – 60cm
WIDTH: – 37cm
DEPTH: – 26cm
WEIGHT: – 12.9 kg.
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Royal King Teak Wood Alabaster Buddha Statue – An impressive museum quality antique Buddha statue. Difficult to find pieces with full original metal regalia all intact, with nicely carved face, hands and feet. The gilding on this Buddha image is worn on both the metal regalia and the body as can be expected on a statue of this vintage.

The Buddha image dressed in Royal attire can be found in many monasteries throughout Burma, especially so in the Shan State, in a variety of presentations. Generally most of the Royal King Buddha statues made from teak wood and alabaster are slim waisted. Most are wearing a crown and dressed in royal attire with decoration representative of jewels worn by a royal king, whilst other Royal King Buddha Statues are dressed simply with just a few embellishments.

This Buddha statue has it all, a four tiered metal crown with wooden finial and painted fingernail. The flanges, crown and royal regalia are all metal and all detachable as is the head, feet and hands. The body is highly decorated with glass mosaics and thayo lacquer and is seen here seated on a plain pedestal.

Royal King Teak Wood Alabaster Buddha Statue
Antique mandalay Royal Lomg Teak wood & Alabaster Buddha Statue 19th Century
Face view Antique Mandlay alabaster & Teak Wood Buddha Statue
Hands & feet view Mandalay Royal King Buddha Statue - 19th Century
Mid section view of Mandalay royal King teak wood & Alabaster Buddha Statue - 19th Century
Back view Antique Burmese Royal Crowned Buddha Statue from Mandalay
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