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AGE: – Pagan Period 11th – 12th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Pagan Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue – small piece broken on one corner of the base (see pictures)

HEIGHT: – 48cm
WIDTH: – 38cm
DEPTH: – 20cm
WEIGHT: – 16.15 kg.
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A rare and beautiful Pagan Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue with an unusual smooth lotus bud decorative pattern extending from one ear, across the top of the forehead, to the other ear. Most Burmese Buddha statues are seen with hair curls represented by small round bumps, with a small rounded usnisha. The raised urna on the centre of the forehead is referred to as the “Eye of Wisdom”, or “third eye”, an auspicious mark seen on many Buddha statues symbolizing wisdom, consciousness and enlightenment.

This Buddha is seen here seated on a double lotus pedestal, the face shows a calm serene, with the full lips upturned at the corners,  eyes are cast downwards, hand gesture in bhumisparsa mudra, dressed in a simple monks robe, typical of the Pagan style Buddha statue. This statue was once fully gilded.
The Pagan kingdom was at its height between 11th and 13th Century. Pagan art and Buddha statues similar to this can be seen in the alcoves of the Ananda temple in Bagan (Pagan), located South West of Mandalay in central Myanmar.

Pagan Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue
Burmese Bronze Pagan Buddha Statue
Face view Burmese bronze Buddha Statue
Hand Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue
Right hand in Bhumisparsa Mudra Bronze pagan Buddha Statue
Back view urmese Bronze Pagan Buddha Statue
Side view Burmese Bronze Pagan Buddha Statue
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