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Rare Iban Silver Ceremonial Coin Belt

AGE: – Early 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Rare Iban Silver Ceremonial Coin Belt

LENGTH: – 72cm
WEIGHT:– 800gms
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Rare Iban Silver ceremonial coin belt weighing 800gms from Sarawak, Borneo. We have had this in our collection since 1974 – Purchased in Sarawak.

This type of jewellery is an original authentic Ceremonial wedding belt, used by the Iban people of Sarawak in Borneo. Belts such as this are still used in tribal ceremonies today but the coins are usually imitations.

There are twenty nine coins in this belt, 15 on top and fourteen on the bottom, a total of 29 coins in near mint condition.

The traditional clasp is a shaped and incised Ikan Empurau fish motif.

Type of coins:

Straights Settlement Edward VII King and Emperor coins dated 1907 – 10 coins, 6 coins dated 1908 on the top.

Muni Van Het Koningruk Der Nederlanden – Wilhelmina coins – 1931 – 7 coins, 1 coin dated 1930, 1 coin dated 1933, 2 coins dated 1937, 2 coins dated 1939 on the bottom.

This web site has some great pictures of the Iban women wearing these ceremonial belts also a great site on the culture of the Iban people of Sarawak.

Rare Iban Silver Ceremonial Coin Belt

Sarawak Ceremonial Wedding Belt Netherland coins
Sarawak Borneo Ceremonial Straight Settlement Coin belt
Iban Sarawak Silver coin belt
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