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AGE: – Undetermined
CONSTRUCTION: – Andagu Stone
DESCRIPTION: – Rare Burmese Stone Buddhist Stele in very good condition, tiny crack on base and a small chip on the base.

HEIGHT: – 11cm
WIDTH: – 7cm
DEPTH: – 3cm
WEIGHT: – 350gms.
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Rare Burmese Andagu stone Buddhist stele, beautifully and intricately carved. This andagu stone stele shows the Buddha with hand gesture in bhumisparsa mudra, the right hand touching earth, indicating the moment of enlightenment, and left hand resting with the palm facing upwards in his lap.

The Buddha image is shown here seated on a double lotus pedestal, with two standing Bodhisattva flanking either side, one holding a lotus flower and the other in prayer, both wearing a style of dress seen in some Hindu carvings of the Bodhisattva. On the top section of the stele the head of the Buddha is surrounded by a carved halo with two small Maitreya figures, (future Buddha’s), also referred to as Bodhisattva, flanking each side of the halo. The base shows another Maitreya Bodhisattva figure kneeling on a carved pedestal dressed in the style of the standing Bodhisattva.

Carved andagu stone stele’s such as these were sometimes found within relic chambers, hence, many are in relatively good condition; or it is assumed that some of these portable stele or plaques may have been carried by pilgrims.

Andagu is a kind of metamorphic rock similar to slate and schist, although with a more shiny lustre to its surface. It also has a particularly fine texture that allows the stone to be carved very precisely which allowed the artisan to achieve much finer detail.

This interesting paper written by Claudine Bautze-Picron show some of these Andagu Images

Rare Burmese Andagu Stone Buddhist Stele
Burmese Andagu Stone carving
Burmese Andagu Stone Buddhist Icon
Side view Burmese Andagu Stone Icon
Side back view Burmese Stone Buddhist icon
Back view Burmese Stone Icon
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