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AGE: – Qing Dynasty Yongzheng Mark (1723 – 1735)
DESCRIPTION: – Qing Dynasty Eight Immortals Porcelain Bowl Yongzheng Mark

HEIGHT: – 10cm
BASE DIAM: – 8.5cm
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Qing Dynasty Eight Immortals Porcelain Bowl Yongzheng Mark with metal bands around the top and the outside of the base. The metal bands do not cover any cracks or chips, the metal stops short of covering the inside edges of the rims, with some residual glue showing around the edges of the metal.

The particular way in which the artist has executed and combined the painting on this bowl it is highly likely that this bowl was made to be presented as a birthday gift with the five blessing in the form of five bats being released from the gourd and the Shou character with three bats on the inside centre wishing the receiver long life.

Furthermore, the bowl has been given a protective metal layer similar to this Eight Immortal Bowl around the top and base rim to protect it from breakage which would indicate that it was special to the receiver or person to whom it was passed on to.

The ‘Eight Immortals” are a popular group in Chinese folklore and mythology. It is believed that all of the immortals have superhuman powers and can destroy evil or bestow life. A few were considered to be actual historical figures who existed during the Tang or Song dynasty. They are important figures in the Daoist/Taoist religion, a philosophical tradition or religion becoming popular in China around the 3rd century BCE.
The Taoists texts are referred to as Tao Te Ching is thought to be a collection of proverbs written over a long period of time and are the Taoist’s essential guide to living an ethical and spiritual life.  Taoism is practiced in many Asian countries where there are large group of Chinese.

Yongzheng was the fifth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and the eleventh son of the Kangxi Emperor, he was one of only four of the eleven children who survived into adulthood. Yongzheng was the third emperor to rule over China proper. His reign was short and lasted for only 12 years from 1723 until 1735, whereas his father Emperor Kangxi was the longest reigning emperor in Chinese History, reigning from 1662 until 1722.

Yongzheng was a lover of the arts and his reign was prosperous and peaceful. He was strictly against corruption and during his short reign, he reformed the financial administration seeing the formation of the “Grand Council” which he established in 1733.

Qing Dynasty Eight Immortals Porcelain Bowl Yongzheng Mark
Blue n White Qing Dynasty Immortals Bowl Yongzheng Mark
Qing Dynasty Eight Immortals Porcelain Bowl Yongzheng Mark
Close view Qing Dyansty Eight Immortals Porcelain Bowl
Inside view Qing Dynasty Porcelain Eight Immortals Bowl
Bottom view Chinese Yongzheng Eight Immortals Bowl
Qing Dynasty Immortals Bowl Yongzheng Mark
Close view blue n White Qing Dynastyg Blue & White Bowl
Chinese Qing Dynasty Yongzheng Porcelain bowl
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