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AGE: – 19th- early 20th Century Qing Dynasty Guangxu mark & period (1875-1908AD)
DESCRIPTION: – Qing Dynasty Blue n White Porcelain Plate Guangxu

HEIGHT: – 4.5cm
WEIGHT: – 950gms
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Late Qing Dynasty Blue n White Porcelain Plate Guangxu mark and period. Blue and white porcelains have been produced in China since the Tang Dynasty up until present times. During the mid to later Ming and Qing Dynasty there was a thriving export in porcelain wares to many parts of Asia and a large quantity of porcelain during the 17th and 18th century was exported to Europe by the Dutch East India Company.

Qing Dynasty porcelain manufacturers in China manufactured porcelains especially to suite the European markets. These porcelain pieces were usually marked with seals of the reigning Emperor of the times, although there is no guarantee that a seal mark on Chinese porcelain is of the period suggested and many were unmarked.

Porcelain shapes and designs also changed to suite the growing interest in Chinese Ceramics in Europe, which was attributed to the Jesuit missionaries visiting China during the 16th and 17th Century and trade with Holland.

The variations in blue and white pigments in Chinese porcelain are endless. During the early Ming period a vibrant blue cobalt pigment was imported from Persia, referred to as Mohammedan blue and much sought after. During the early Ming period the blue pigments imported into China became more expensive, mainly because of the attempted ban on foreign trade by general Zhu Yuanzhang (1368-98).

Through necessity, due to the expense of this blue pigment and the ban on imports, the Chinese through experimentation perfected their own variety of blue pigments which varied in vibrancy. The cobalt blue pigments seen in many Kangxi blue and white ceramics came from Zhejiang province, it had a low iron and high manganese content.

A short interesting history of the Qing Dynasty

Qing Dynasty Blue n White Porcelain Plate Guangxu
Chinese Blue White Qing Dynasty Plate Guangxi Mark
Close view Chinese Qing dynasty blue n White Ceramic Plate
White Ceramic Plate Guangxu Makr
White Ceramic Guanxi Mark
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