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AGE: – Unsure of age but old beads
CONSTRUCTION: – Amber resin, coral, glass beads
DESCRIPTION: – Old Nepalese Amber Resin Coral Glass Bead Necklace

LENGTH: – 49cm
SIZE: – Amber beads 2.5cm to 3cm diam, coral beads 1cm diam, 4 coloured glass beads 2.2cm long
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Old Nepalese Amber Resin Coral Glass Bead Necklace – Although we acquired these beads from a Nepalese Buddhist, it is possible that these hand crafted beads could also have come from Tibet.

The small reddish orange beads are possibly coral. Coral was imported into Tibet and Nepal along the silk road from the Mediterranean from very early times and has always been highly prized by the people of Tibet.

Marco Polo during his travels through Asia mentions that coral was also used as a form of currency. Often beads such as these have been blessed by a senior Buddhist monk and considered to be sacred, they are also used as prayer beads.

Hand made glass beads, coral and amber resin beads are worn on ceremonial occasions in Tibet and Nepal, they are used as charms. Tibetans and Nepalese people believe they possess protective qualities and thought to bring success. In Tibet and Nepal coral symbolizes fire, blood and light and is believed to bring good health to the person wearing or carrying it.

These amber coloured beads are traditionally found in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. I am assuming the amber beads are made from a resin of some kind. They are accompanied by four coloured glass beads and some smaller orange and blue glass beads. The clasp has some verdigris, possibly or brass.

Historical information related to amber and coral: Nepalese amber beads

Old Nepalese Amber Resin Coral Glass Bead Necklace
Nepalese Amber coral glass Beads
Nepalese Coral Glass beads & Amber Resin Necklace
e Amber resin coral glass beads
Coloured glass Nepalese Beads
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