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A collection of Antiques and Collectibles Nepal |Tibet | India | Thailand Buddhist Iconography – Bone an clay amulets and Tsa Tsa

Culturally Nepal, Tibet and India have enjoyed a rich long history in the crafting of beautiful statues, colourful textiles, ornate furniture, gold and silver jewellery studded with gemstones and much more.

On this page we have a collection of antiques and collectibles sourced during our travels and work throughout Asia over the past 40 years.

Front View Nepalese Conch Shell With Carved Hindu Eities

Tibetan Carved Trumpet Conch Shell Hindu Deities
Length: 20cm

Front View Avalokitshvara Padmapani

Antique Nepalese Avalokitshvara Padmapani
Height: 19.5cm
Width: 10cm at Widest part
Base: 5.5cm x 9cm
Weight: 600gms

Nepalese Brass Buddha Of Wisdom Kalarupa Statue

Nepalese Brass Antique Buddha of Wisdom Kalarupa statue
Height: 11.5cm
Width: 8.5cm
Depth: 5cm
Weight: 350 gms.

Tibetan Wooden Bell & Vajra Wooden Box

Tibetan Ritual Vajra & Bell Wooden Case
Wooden Case height: 20cm
Width: 13
Base Diameter: 13cm

Indian Jain Shrine Tirthankara

Indian Jain Shrine Tirthankara
Height: 20.5cm

Nepalese Buddhist Gao Prayer Box

Nepalese Buddhist Gao Prayer Box - Clay Tsa Tsa Buddhist Deity
Height: 8cm
Diameter: 26cm
Weight: 1.9 kg.

Bronze Statue Hindu Diety Indra

Hindu Deity Indra Bronze Statue
Height: 19cm
Depth: 7.5cm
Weight: 850 gms.

Bronze Statue Tibetan Padmasambhava

Bronze statue Tibetan Padmasambhava
20th Century
Height: 22cm
Width: 14cm
Depth: 10cm
Weight: 1.25 Kg.

Nepalese Amber Coral Glass Beads

Nepalese Amber coral glass Beads
Length: 49cm
Amber Beads: 2.5cm to 3cm diam.
Coral beads 1cm diam.
4 coloured glass beads 2.2cm long

Front View Indian Dokhra Figure Of Vishnu

Indian Metal Dokhra Figure of VishnuMbr /> Height: 15cm

Indian Hand Painted Silk Wall Hanging

Indian Hand painted Silk Cloth
Length: 109cm
Width: 83cm

Indian Beaten Copper Betel Nut Pandan Box

Indian Pandan Betel nut Box containers
Age: 18th - 19th Century
Height: 18cm
Diameter: 27cm

Indian Jain Shrine Tirthankara

Indian Jain Shrine Tirthankara
Height: 20.5cm

Thai Bone Amulet Talisman Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha Thai Bone Amulet
Height: 11cm
Width: 8cm
Weight: 200gms.

Side View Thai Buddhist Bone Amulet, Talisman

Thai Buddhist bone Amulet Talisman
Length: 17cm
Width: 2cm

Terracotta Thai Buddhist Amulet

Terracotta Thai Buddhist Amulets
Height: 11.5cm

Nepal |Tibet | India | Thailand Buddhist Iconography

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