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Nats at Mount Popa Burma

Informative Articles Nat Worship Burma – In Myanmar/Burma every year on the 5th Lunar month of Wagaung (August) the “Taungbyone nat festival” is held to appease and honor the nats in a small town near Mandalay on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River.

During this period the monsoon rains reach the upper part of Myanmar and the river is full stretching from bank to bank, a sight not normally seen during the dry season. It is a festive occasion with loud music (ouch) and lots of colourful food, not to mention the colourful people attending the festival.

Offerings of food, sweets and fruits are made to the Nats and Deva asking them to fulfill any type of wish such as good luck, prospects for a good marriage, business success, health of the family and almost anything you can imagine or wish for.

Of the most honored Nats King Anawratha of Pagan included during his rein from 1014 A.D. – 1077 A.D., are the two popular Nat brothers Min Lay and Min Gyi.

Nat Worship Burma

Nat Worship Arakan

Written by Alexandra De Meran – Changes in Spirit Cults in Arakan (Rakhine) State, Myanmar – In Arakan, as in anywhere else in Burma and in many other parts of Southeast Asia, religious practices have been a mix of Buddhism and spirit (nat) worship…..

Cult in Burmese Religion

Revisiting Buddhism and the Spirit Cult in Burma – Stanfor University, “The Spirit-possession Cult in the Burmese religion” Benedicte Brac de la Perriere, CNRS-LASEMA, Paris

The actual complexity of the Burmese religion is concealed by the pervasive conception of Burmese identity as a Buddhist one: to be a Burmese is to be a Buddhist, it is often said. The  complexity of the Burmese religion may be initially addressed as the problem of whether we should speak of one or two religions…..

An introduction to Burmese Nat worship in Burma

Nat Worship Burma

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