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AGE: – Ming dynasty 1368 – 1644
CONSTRUCTION: – Terracotta
DESCRIPTION: – Ming Dynasty Terracotta Funerary Mingqi Chair – age related wer

HEIGHT: – 20cm
WIDTH:– 27cm
DEPTH: – 16.5cm
WEIGHT:– 2.9 kg.
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Chinese Ming Dynasty Terracotta Chair Mingqi Funerary object made during the Ming Dynasty with a green glaze and molded decoration.

Although Mingqi objects were used prolifically during the Han Dynasty the practice of making grave goods solely for burial purposes went into decline from the 10th to the 14th Century AD. However there was, during the Ming dynasty a revival in placing miniature representations of glazed terracotta objects such as furniture, food, houses and animal offering into the burial chamber with the departed.

It was believed that these objects would appease the soul of the departed on their journey into the other world and give them comfort and familiarity in the afterlife.

Ming Dynasty Terracotta Funerary Mingqi Chair
Chinese Ming Dynasty Ming qi Chair top view
Top view Chair Ming Dynasty Funerary Object
Side view Chinese Ming Dynasty Chair
Chinese Ming Dynasty chaira
Underneath Chinese Ming Dynasty chair
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