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AGE: – Ming dynasty 1368 – 1644
CONSTRUCTION: – Earthenware
DESCRIPTION: – Ming Dynasty Funerary Mingqi Chair

HEIGHT: – 19cm
WIDTH:– 10cm
DEPTH: – 8cm
WEIGHT: – 750gms
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Chinese Ming Dynasty Funerary Mingqi Chair specifically made for burial purposes. The backrest and seat of this chair is nicely made to resemble the famous dream stone marble coming from the Dali area in China.

Perhaps this chair was made for a deceased person who had a particular liking for this marble. In China it was customary to bury miniature objects similar to those a deceased person enjoyed using or loved whilst living. This practice meant to appease the soul and bring comfort and familiarity on his or her journey into the afterlife. Possibly this chair with the marble like pattern resembling the dream stones from the Dali area were made specifically because the departed had an appreciation for it and owned some objects with this stone whilst living.

Dali formerly known as Xiemie is located in West Yunnan, it was originally  the medieval capital of the Nanzhao and Bai kingdoms between 937-1253. Marble stone from this area was highly prized by the Emperors of the day and great importance was given to the pattern in the marble which were construed to represent the natural environment, such as mountains, landscapes, table screens, trees or animals and reflecting the possibility of entering into other realms. The marble stone from Dali are also referred to as dream stones because of their ethereal appearance.

For over a thousand years Dali stone has been used in a myriad of objects and is inlaid or mounted in table screens, furniture, pictures representing a painting and a myriad of other decorative objects for over a thousand years and is still being used today. Objects with this particular marble is highly prized and by collectors and great importance is placed on the pattern within the marble.


Ming Dynasty Funerary Mingqi Chair
Ming Dynasty Funerary Mingqi Chair
Side view Chinese Ming Dynasty Chair
Side Back view Chinese Ming Dynasty Chair #444
Left side view side Back view Chinese Ming Dynasty Chair
Vase view Chinese Ming Dynasty Mingqi Funerary Chair
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