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Mandalay Teak Wood King Buddha Statue

AGE: – 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood King Buddha Statue – Age related wear, Thayo Lacquer and gild decoration with glass mosaics, stone eyes, small piece on base cracked

HEIGHT: – 62cm
WIDTH: – 54cm
DEPTH: – 32cm

A very nice decorative antique Burmese Mandalay teak wood King Buddha Statue, seated on a two tiered pedestal decorated with thayo lacquer scrolls and glass mosaics. This Buddha statue is highly decorated with coloured glass mosaics. A double band of green and white glass mosaics, glass beads decorate the forehead with a glass beaded medallion in the centre of the forehead, stone eyes and rounded usnisha.

This Buddha statue is dressed in the Mandalay royal King Buddha style, flanked on either side by tiered flanges on the shoulders, elbows and wrists, each decorated with an edging of glass mosaics. Hair curls and usnisha are made from thayo lacquer.

Mandalay Teak Wood King Buddha Statue

Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood King Buddha Statue

Side view Burmese teak wood Buddha Statue - 19th Century

Head view Burmese Mandalay royal King Buddha statue 19th Century

Base view Burmese Mandalay Royal King Buddha

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