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AGE: – Unknown
CONSTRUCTION: – Wooden Sheath, Steel Blade
DESCRIPTION: – Indonesian Javanese Keris Sword | Gilded Word on Blade
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Large than average “Singa Barong” Javanese Straight Bladed Keris sword, possibly made for ceremonial purposes with decorative gilded “Kinatah” showing a mythological creature, possibly a lion and floral motif ornamentation.

Unlike the traditional keris which is smaller and lighter with an obvious forging pattern in the pamor this blade shows has no defined pattern.

In Malay Singa means lion and Barong is a panther like creature, but in Bali in Indonesia Barong is a masked figure representing an unidentified creature called keket who appears at times of celebration. Barong for the Balinese is also the symbol of health and good fortune. The term Barong is thought to have been taken from the local Indonesian word bahruang which means bear and refers to a good spirit that takes the form of an animal as the guardian of the forest.

We have no idea as to its true age.

Javanese Keris Swords with Gilded Ganga
Javanese Keris Sword With Gilding On Blade
Javanese Keris Sword With Gilding
Side One Javanese Keris Sword
Javanese Keris Sword Gilt Work
View Of Top Of Ganga On Javanese Keris Sword
View Of Ganga On Indonesian Javanese Keris Sword
Blade And Sheath Javanese Keris Sword
Mythological Creature On Indonesian Singa Barong Keris Sword
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