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AGE: – Not new
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood, steel & Brass
DESCRIPTION: – Indonesian Javanese Gayaman Keris kris – Termite damage, brass sheath dented.

LENGTH: – 52cm
WEIGHT:– 400gms

Although the cover on this Indonesian Gayaman Keris kris is plain, the straight hand forged blade is elegant with a central ridge, The pamor is dense near the handle, then thins out into pairs of circles which follow the centre line.

A very attractive blade, which deserves a better scabbard. Wood has termite damage scabbard dented at the end. (see pictures)

This Keris/Kris has been in our collection for thirty years and not new when acquired.

Indonesian Javanese Gayaman Keris kris

Blade and scabbard Indonesian Keris
Side 2 Back Indonesian Javanese Gayaman Keris Kris
Indonesian Javanese Gayaman Keris also referred to as kris
Indonesian Keris close up view
Close up view Javanese keris
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