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AGE: – 8th – 10th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Indonesian Borobudur Stone Buddha Head – age related wear

HEIGHT: – 34cm
WIDTH:– 26cm
WEIGHT:– 18.35 kg.
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8th – 10th century Indonesian Borobudur Stone Buddha Head made from lava stone. The ruins of Borobudur are located in central Java near the city of Jogjakarta, they consist of approximately seventy two stupas with both an Hindu and Buddhist influence.

In 1991 it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Many Hindu kingdoms flourished from the 8th – 9th century in both Sumatra and Java, this particular stone head which we acquired 40 years ago along with one other Buddha Head possibly came from one of the lesser sites, and according to an expert in Buddhist artifacts from Indonesia believed to be authentic.

There are no written records of who built the Borobudur structure, academics assume that it is was a religious site built during the height of the Shailendra dynasty in central Java. The Borobudur temple complex is estimated to be the largest Buddhist structure in the world.

The Borobudur temple complex lay hidden undisturbed under layers of ash and forest for centuries, and was discovered in the early 1800’s when Java was for a time under British administration. The governor at that time was the British Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Stamford Raffles, he governed between (1811-1815), and was General of Bencoolen in Sumatra between (1817-1822).

During Raffles tenure in Indonesia he took a great interest in Java and its history and wrote a book on “The History of Java“.

Whilst Thomas Stamford Raffles was visiting Semarang in 1814 he became aware of a huge monument located in the jungles near Jogjakarta and sent a Dutch engineer to investigate. The uncovering and restoration of this great site has been ongoing until present times.

Today Borobudur is visited by Buddhist pilgrims annually on Wesak day.

Indonesian Borobudur Stone Buddha Head
Indonesian Borobudur Stone Head
Back view Indonesian Borobodur Buddha Head
Side view Indonesian Borobudur Stone Buddha Head
Side view Indonesian Buddha Head
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