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AGE: – 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood & Steel
DESCRIPTION: – Indonesian Balinese Keris Kris Carved Wooden Scabbard

LENGTH: – 65.5cm:
WEIGHT:– 850gms
FOR PRICE PLEASE CONTACT – include item number below
PRICE: US$420.00

Indonesian Balinese Keris Kris Carved Wooden Scabbard in near perfect condition, there is a crack on the hilt which is barely visible. Very nice pamor (the pattern the metal alloy has formed on the blade when forged). Very nice mix of light and dark wood.

The Keris (kris) is thought to have had its origins in Indonesia and spread throughout other parts of Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. These days the keris (kris) is often worn by men on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings and important events. The keris (kris) is often handed down through the generations from father to son and is a precious family heirloom and is also often seen as a status symbol.

It is believed that the keris blade holds special magic powers which can bring good or bad luck and great importance is placed on the pattern (pamor) on the blade. The grip is representative of the Hindu God Ganesha.

In Indonesia today there are only a handful of artisans trained in the art of keris making.

Indonesian Balinese Keris Kris Carved Wooden Scabbard

Indonesian Balinese Keris Wood Carved Scabbard
Front view Wood Handle Balinese Antique Keris
Handle Indonesian Balinese Keris
Handle Balinese wooden Carved Scabbard
Indonesian Balinese Wavy Blade Keris
Antique Balinese Wavy Bladed Keris
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