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AGE: – vintage
DESCRIPTION: – Indian Hand Painted Silk Cloth – unframed

LENGTH: – 109cm
WIDTH:– 83cm
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Traditional Vintage Indian Hand Painted Silk Cloth depicting a group of women in a garden scene, possibly servants, waiting on the prince and princess. Many of these silk cloth paintings from India show scenes of court life or Buddhist and Hindu themes.

Painting on this wafer thin silk cloth requires special skill by craftsmen/women in India who have acquired the skill to paint on the cloth without the paint seeping through to the back of the cloth. When finished the cloth can appear to feel like paper with a little stiffness to it although still pliable.

The art of silk painting in India dates back to the time when India was under Moghul rule from the 17th – 19th Century. This form of art was at its height when the Moghul rulers promoted literature and art. Many of these silk painted cloths come from Rajasthan where the artisans are highly skilled in the method of painting on this fine silk.

Indian Hand Painted Silk Wall Hanging
Indian Hand Painted Silk Wall Hanging
Indian Hand Painted silk
Indian Painting on silk
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