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AGE: – 19th Century or earlier
DESCRIPTION: – Hindu Deity Indra Bronze Statue – Metal worn around base with a couple of small holes 2mm in size.

HEIGHT: – 19cm
DEPTH: – 7.5cm
WEIGHT:– 850gms
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Hindu Deity Indra Bronze Statue – a Hindu God worshiped in both India and the Himalayas. During the post Vedic period from 1000 BC to 600 BC.  Indra was believed to be the leader or king of all the Devas. (lesser Gods). The figure of Indra is sometimes seen holding a weapon in the right hand representing a thunderbolt or holding a bow with a long pointy arrow. Although Indra is traditionally seen with a crown and bejeweled, this version of Indra is relatively plain and seated on a double lotus pedestal.

Indra is the most important deity in ancient Vedic Hinduism, he is the supreme deity (God) of the Rigveda scriptures, the sacred Hindu texts is the oldest book in Sanskrit and the oldest of all the Vedas.

Indra is the deity that is believed to controls the weather and is referred to as the God of storms and war. He was worshiped for his kindness and the giver of fertility. Indra’s powers were eclipsed by Vishnu who became a more popular deity in later classical Hinduism.

Hindu Deity Indra Bronze Statue
Bronze statue Hindu Diety Indra
Bronze Indian Deity Indra
Back view Indian Bronze Deity Indra
Back view Indian Bronze Deity Indra
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