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AGE: – Han Dynasty 206 BC – 220 AD
CONSTRUCTION: – Terracotta
DESCRIPTION: – Han Dynasty Chinese Earthenware Mingqi Ding

HEIGHT: – 14cm
DIAMETER:– 20.5cm
WEIGHT:– 1.2 kg.
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An impressive Han Dynasty Chinese Earthenware Mingqi Ding made specifically for burial purposes. These objects were referred to as “spirit objects” or “Mingqi”.  Vessels made from clay such as this were placed inside the burial chamber of a deceased person in the belief that they would give comfort and familiarity on their journey into the other world and in the afterlife.

The Chinese Han dynasty spanned a period of four centuries between 206BC – 220AD. This period was divided into two parts the Western Han 206BC – 9AD, and the Eastern Han from 25AD – 220AD. It was a period of prosperity and peace and was referred to as the “Golden Age” of Chinese civilization.

Earthenware or terracotta un-glazed vessels painted with coloured pigments, along with other more lavish objects such as jewellery owned and worn by the person whilst living, ornamental objects made from jade, bronze vessels and glazed ceramics were also placed inside burial chambers, as well as a myriad of other objects many in miniature form.

The practice of burying both practical objects and ornamental ornamental with the deceased continued up until the end of the Ming Dynasty. Due to the popularity of Mingqi funerary objects many workshops used molds in order to keep pace with the high demand for funerary “Mingqi” objects.

This Chinese Han Dynasty Earthenware Ding with Lid and other Han Dynasty earthenware found on this web site were acquired from a private collector.

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Han Dynasty Chinese Earthenware Mingqi Ding
Side 2 Chinese Han Dynasty Terracotta Ding
Chinese Han Dynasty Terracotta Ding
Chinese Han Dynasty Terracotta ding
Inside Chinese Han Dynasty Ding
Inside lid of Chinese Han Dynasty Ding #60
Lid Chinese Terracotta Mingqi Ding
Base view Chinese Han Dynasty Terracotta funerary Object
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