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AGE: – Circa 1880’s
DESCRIPTION: – Circa 1880 Chinese Wedding Sedan Chair

HEIGHT: – More than 2 metres, Panels separate pieces
WIDTH:– 78cm
DEPTH: – 109cm from front to back
WEIGHT:– Very Heavy
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Decorative Circa 1880 Chinese Wedding Sedan Chair decorated with figures depicting scenes from daily life. Originally called “Jiaoyu” (meaning shoulder carriage in Chinese). A sedan chair such as this was used before the introduction of modern vehicles to carry the bride to the home of the groom for the wedding ceremony.

Traditionally the groom bearing gifts to the brides home would lead the procession from the brides home accompanied by attendants and musicians to the sounds of drums, gongs, firecrackers and other loud musical instruments. The groom customarily would be accompanied by a child as a good omen, hopeful that his bride will bear many sons during their marriage.

Sedan chairs were also used as a mode of transport during those early days in China as well as many other countries in Europe and the middle east.

A wedding chair used to carry the bride was traditionally coloured red. Decoration was dependent on the wealth of the family, the wealthier the family the more decorative the wedding chair.

Sedan Chairs in China similar to this are still sometimes used in wedding ceremonies.

Circa 1880 Chinese Wedding Sedan Chair
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