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AGE: – Unknown, possibly early to mid 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – wood and brass
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Vintage Metal Printing Block

HEIGHT: – 17.5cm
WIDTH:– 11cm
DEPTH: – 2.5cm
WEIGHT:– 450gms
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An interesting Chinese Vintage Metal Printing Block advertising Chinese medicine for a baby. This printing block lists the ingredients with suggestions for treating babies for convulsions and other ailments written in both English and Chinese.

The metal decorative edge around the printing block would appear to be copper plate attached to the wooden block as is the printing itself.

We have no idea how old this printing block is, possibly dating from early 20th Century until mid 20th Century. It was obviously used for the printing of advertising in newspapers or magazines for a Chinese Pharmaceutical company which today no longer exists.

The Wood block printing technique, the predecessor of this printing block was originally invented by the Chinese dating back centuries ago. The early woodblock printing in the song Dynasty was usually of a Buddhist nature with pictures and poems.

Chinese Vintage Metal Printing Block

Vintage Chinese Printing Block
Back view Chinese Metal Wood Printing Block
Chinese Vintage Printing Block
Side view Chinese Wood Metal Vintage Printing Block
Back view Chinese Vintage Printing block
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