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AGE: – Unknown
CONSTRUCTION: – Assuming soapstone or Nephrite
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Tang Style Soapstone Courtesan Lady

HEIGHT: – 31cm
WIDTH:– 16.5cm
DEPTH: – 12cm
WEIGHT:– 6.25 kg.
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Chinese Tang Style Soapstone Courtesan Lady – We are assuming that this lady is made from soapstone or nephrite, it has a natural dark vein running through in several places. The painted coating has come away from the stone in places.

This Tang style lady has the appearance of a tomb object with grit embedded in the creases of the carving, we are not sure, we have found nothing to compare it with so far. Scratches on the base already evident when this piece was acquired, possibly testing to see how easily it scratched.

Chinese Tang Style Soapstone Courtesan lady
Base view Chinese Jade Stone Lady Courtesan
Back view Chinese Jade stone Lady
Side view Chinese Jade Lady
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