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AGE: – Unknown not new
CONSTRUCTION: – wood, lacquered & gilded
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Standing Statue Kuan Yin Goddess Mercy

HEIGHT: – 68cm
WIDTH: – 27cm
DEPTH: – 18cm
WEIGHT: – 6 kg.
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Chinese Standing Statue Kuan Yin Goddess Mercy seen here standing in a lily pond surrounded by lotus flowers with swirling water underneath. The Kuan yin Bodhisattva is revered by Mahayana Buddhists. She is also referred to as “Guan Shih Yin” or “Guan Yin”, a name translated from its original Indian Sanskrit term – Kuan, meaning deep and empathizing thoughts, Shih, meaning this world of unfulfilled wants and unending sadness in which we live, Yin meaning all human voices especially our outcries of grievances.

It is believed among some Buddhists that when a soul departs from the earth the Guan Yin will place them in the heart of the lotus after which they are then sent to the western Pure Land, a realm of of Sukhavati where the celestial beings reside.
Buddhist scriptures state that Guan Shi Yin has thirty three different incarnations. However, her most familiar physical appearance as the female goddess of Mercy who is revered by followers of the Mahayana and Taoist faith, had it’s roots in 3rd century .C., at the end of the Zhou Dynasty during the Xing-Lin Kingdom, as the earthly incarnation of King Miao-Zhuang’s third princess Miao-Shan.

Chinese Deities, Gods and Immortals

Of the over 200 goddesses, gods and immortals (modest count) in Chinese myth and legend the Kuan Yin is one of the most revered deities. Shrines to honor and worship these deities and spirits are found in every village, some within households, others in graveyards and fields, there is a deity who serves the need for every occasion, request or to answer prayers. Another important and popular deity is the earth spirit known as Tu-Di-Gong or nature spirit who inhabit streams, trees, caves and gardens. Some of these spirits have been historic figures whilst others are purely mythological and stem from the Taoist philosophy/religion.

Chinese Standing Statue Kuan Yin Goddess Mercy
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