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Chinese Song Dynasty Cizhou Meiping Vase

AGE: – Song 960 A.D.-1279 A.D.
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Song Dynasty Cizhou Meiping Vase – hairline crack on body with small chip

HEIGHT: – 29cm
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Chinese Song Dynasty Cizhou Meiping Vase with a white floral scrolling pattern with brown background. Cizhou ceramics and stone wares were considered folk kiln ware made for daily practical uses. Although this would appear to look like a vase it was probably a vessel for holding liquids.

Cizhou wares cover a variety of ceramics and stoneware manufactured between the late Tang and Ming Dynasty. Kilns producing this style of ceramics originated in the northern provinces of Hebei, Henan and Shaanxi.

The sgraffito technique used in this meiping vase was a popular in the Northern Song period. The embossed or paper cut effect was achieved by scraping the white coating of slip which covered the whole body of the ceramic away from the intended motif to expose the grayish brown coloured body of the natural clay around it. It was then glazed with a clear colorless glaze giving it a translucent appearance.

Later Cizhou wares were sometimes poly chromed or painted typically with green or turquoise colours. Cizhou wares were made for many different functions, to hold liquids, to rest the head and plates and bowls for food.

Chinese Song Dynasty Cizhou Meiping Vase

Chinese Song Dynasty Ciczhou meiping

Chinese Song Dynasty Cizhou Meiping Vase

Top view Chinese Cizhou Song Dynasty Meiping

Top view 2 Chinese Song Dynaty Cizhou Meiping Vase

Chinese Cizhou Meiping Ceramic Vase

Song dynasty Cizhou Meiping Vase

Base view ong Dynasty Cizhou Meiping

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