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AGE: – More than 30 years
CONSTRUCTION: – glass & wood
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Reverse Glass Painting – minor damage to lacquer on top of frame

HEIGHT: – 49cm
WIDTH:– 44cm
WEIGHT:– 2.2 kg.
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Chinese Reverse Glass Painting – a technique developed in China during the late 1770’s when a famous painter by the name of Spoilum (Chinese name Guan Zuolin), a Cantonese, learned the European technique of Reverse glass painting, specifically for the Europeans residing in Canton during this period. Most of his painting were copies of mirror images of European engravings onto the back of glass panes.

His specialty was that of Europeans posing in front of Western landscapes. Many of his paintings have found homes in museums and personal collections. His grandson Lam Qua, continued to create many portraits and landscapes into the middle of the 19th Century. Since this early time these paintings have been popular with travelers and collectors.

This is a a quality Chinese vintage collectibles reverse glass painting – exquisitely painted on the back of the glass in reverse. Beautiful rich colours in this scene of a gathering of ladies in what could be a modern day book club, dressed in old imperial style clothing with a black lacquer frame dovetailed on each corner.

Chinese Reverse Glass Painting

Chinese Reverse Glass Painting
Close View Chinese Reverse glass Painting
Close view Chinese Ladies Reverse Glass Painting
Chinese Reverse Glass Painting bottom view
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