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AGE: – Neolithic Dawenkou culture 4200-2500BC
CONSTRUCTION: – Earthenware/Terracotta
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Neolithic Dawenkou Earthenware Vessel

HEIGHT: – 35.5cm
Circumference:– 69cm
Base Diameter: – 13cm
WEIGHT:– 2.95 kg.
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Chinese Neolithic Dawenkou Earthenware Vessel dating from 4200 – 2500 BC. – Research into the patterns and artwork painted onto these neolithic vessels suggest that the triangles carved into this vessel may have evolved from the shape of the tail fin seen on fish and that the circular forms are inspired by the eyes.

The Dawenkou Culture was discovered by archeologists in the early 1970’s in Shandong, China. The Dawenkou Culture are known for their elaborate burial rituals and offerings. A vessel such as this could possibly have been of utilitarian use or placed in a burial chamber. According to literature regarding a similar type of vessel, it is suggested that it was possibly made on a wheel which differed from earlier handmade pottery during the neolithic period.

Although the Dawenkou communities lived primarily in Shandong, communities belonging to this neolithic culture also existed in Henan, Anhul and Jiangsu.

Dawenkou archaeological sites reveal a variety of different types of workshops, revealing a high level of sophistication which has given scholars a good indication on how communities interacted with one another, and insight into the initial intensification of farming and agriculture practices in China.

The pottery wheel was introduced shortly after 3000 BC., by the Longshan and Dawenkou cultures and was instrumental in helping potters make thin walled and more evenly formed vessels with greater speed.

Chinese Neolithic Dawenkou Earthenware Vessel
chinese neolithic-dawenkou-culture-water-wine-vessel
Chinese Neolithic Dawenkou culture Vessel
close view Chinese Han Dynasty Vessel #423
Inside view Chinese Neolithic vessel
handle on Dawenkou culture Neolithic vessel
Top view Chinese Neolithic Earthenware Dawenkou culture kkvessel
Chinese Neolithic Dawenkou Earthenware Vessel
Chinese Han Dynasty vessel
close view Chinese Han Dynasty Vessel
bottom view Chinese Han Dynasty Vessel #423
Base view Chinese Neolithic wine water vessel
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