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Chinese Miscellaneous Antiques

Chinese Kuan Goddess Of Mercy

Chinese Kuan Goddess of Mercy
Height: 68cm
Width: 27cm
Depth: 18cm
Weight: 6 Kg.

Antique Chinese Ivory Four Boys Carving

Antique Chinese Ivory four boys Twin Acrobats
Height: 6.5cm
Width: 6.5cm
Weight: 100 gms.

Vietnamese Wood Marble Mother Pearl Table Screen

Antique Vietnamese Wood Marble Mother Pearl Table
Height: 39cm
Screen Width: 30cm
Stand height: 4cm
Stand Width: 19cm
Stand length: 39cm

Chinese Goddess Of Mercy - Kuan Yin

Qing Dynasty Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy
Height: 31cm
Width: 16cm
Depth: 13cm

Antique Chinese Incense Burner

Antique - Chinese Incense burner - Eight Immortals
Height: 44cm
Width: 40cm
Weight: 4.25kg

Two Chinese Ivory Children Carrying Good Luck Symbol

Two Chinese children carrying good luck symbol
Height: 8cm
Width: 7cm
Base Diam: 4.5cm
Weight: 100 gms.

Pair Chinese Camphor Wood Foo Dogs

19th Century Pair Chinese Camphor Wood Foo Dogs
Height: 28cm
Depth; 13cm
Width: 10cm
Weight: 2.10 Kg.

Front Of Chinese Wedding Chair

Chinese wedding Sedan chair
19th Century
Height: More than 2 mtrs
Width: 78cm
Depth: Front to back 109cm
Weight: Very Heavy

Chinese Miscellaneous Antiques

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