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Chinese Kangxi Blue White Porcelain Stem Cup

AGE: – Possibly Kangxi 1662 – 1722
CONSTRUCTION: – Porcelain with under glaze blue decoration in good condition, no cracks or repairs
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Kangxi Blue White Porcelain Stem Cup

HEIGHT: – 11cm
WEIGHT:– 450 gms.
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A Chinese Kangxi Blue White Porcelain Stem Cup possibly made for the Portuguese or European market. Motifs and decoration on some Chinese porcelain produced during the Kangxi period were influenced by foreign markets with a combination of east and western style decoration, made to please and cater to the tastes and demands of the growing foreign export market during that period.

Porcelain production leading up to the demise of the Ming Dynasty and into the Qing Dynasty declined but was still active during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662 A.D. – 1722 A.D.). From 1602 an amalgamation of Dutch shipping companies formed the United East Indies Company. From this period for approximately one hundred years, trade with Islamic, European and South East Asian markets flourished up until 1673. For a brief period porcelain production at Jingdezhen factories ceased after they were destroyed by rebels during a period of civil unrest.

After Emperor Kangxi gained control of China in 1677 A.D., the Emperor employed a director to oversee the rebuilding of the imperial kilns in Jingdezhen after which production flourished once more.

The Jingdezhen factories have and still to this day produce beautiful blue and white, famille Verte, and enameled porcelains.

Chinese Kangxi Blue & White Porcelain Stem Cup
Chinese Blue & White Kangxi Porcelain Stem Cup
Base view Chinese Kangxi Porcelain Stem Cup
Chinese Kangxi Blue White Stem Cup
Close view Chinese Porcelain Stem Cup
Inside view Chinese Porcelain Stem Cup
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