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Chinese Han Dynasty Earthenware Mingqi

AGE: – Han Dynasty 202 BC – 220 AD
CONSTRUCTION: – Earthenware
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Han Dynasty Earthenware Mingqi

HEIGHT: – 17.5cm
WEIGHT:– 2.85 Kg.
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There was a huge demand in the production of Chinese Han Dynasty Earthenware Mingqi during this period. The general population during this time experienced a raised standard of living which made these type of mingqi objects affordable grave objects for many people.

The making of grave wares during the Han Dynasty created a thriving industry which lasted a few hundred years up until the Ming Dynasty when the practice of placing objects such as these into the burial chamber with the deceased.

Many Han Dynasty wares were often an unglazed dark grey coloured earthenware, painted with coloured pigments. Just about any type of object used in daily life during that period was manufactured purely for burial purposes both in miniature and life size form.

Geometric designs and scenes from daily life were frequently painted onto the body of the vessel to resemble lacquer. Glazed objects were more expensive to produce and usually only made for those who could afford it. Many objects were made to resemble the more expensive bronze vessels which were only utilized as grave goods by the upper class.

Prior to the Han Dynasty it was common practice to bury the dead with their servants or concubines, these vessels replaced this barbaric practice.

Chinese Han Dynasty Earthenware Mingqi
Side 2 Han Dynasty Mingqi
Top view lid Han Dynasty Mingqi
Inside view Chinese Han Dynasty Mingqi vessel
Chinese Han Dynasty vessel with lid
Side two Chinese Han Dynazsty Mingqi Vessel
Animal Feet Chinese Han Dynasty Earthenware Vessel
Close view Inside Chinese Han Dynasty Ming qi
Base View Chinese Earthenware Han Dynasty Vessel
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