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AGE: – Vintage 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Camphor Wood
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Temple Deity Earth God Tu-Di-Gong

HEIGHT: – 39cm
WIDTH:– 21cm
DEPTH: – 19cm
WEIGHT:– 3.7 kg
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This Chinese Deity Earth God Tu-Di-Gong is portrayed as an elderly man with a long grey beard, seated on a chair holding a staff in the right hand, with a gilded dragon head on the end and a golden ignot in the left hand. Tu Di Gong’s clothing is richly painted to resemble enameling. The gilding is slightly worn in places but overall in very good condition.

This deity is found in Taoist temples and homes throughout China and most South East Asian countries. This deity is seen frequently at the main entrance of a business or home, and is one of the oldest and most popular deities in China. Tu-Di-Gong is also referred to as the “Lord of the Place”, he is subservient to Cheng Huang, the spiritual magistrate of the village.

The role of Tu Di Gong is that of an administrator on a local level in the heavenly realm. He is believed to protect those within the district. Villagers of the Taoist tradition pray to this deity for agricultural abundance and prosperity.

Many of these deities originated from historical people who assisted and helped their communities in times of need. It is believed, that if misfortune has befallen a village or community the Tu di Gong has lost interest and a new patron will be chosen.

Chinese Deity Earth God Tu-Di-Gong

Chinese Deity Tu Di Gong Bearded Earth God
Chinese Temple Deity Earth God Tu Di Gong
Chinese Wooden Temple Deity Earth God
Top View Chinese Earth God Tu Di Gong
Side View Chinese Bearded Earth God Tu Di Gong
Chinese Temple Deity Bearded Earth God To Di Gong
Base view Chinese Temple Deity
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