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AGE: – Middle Ming Dynasty 1488 – 1620 AD
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Ceramic Ming Dynasty Brush Pot

HEIGHT: – 24cm
Top Diam:– 20cm
Base Diam: – 19cm
WEIGHT: – 3.3kg
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Blue and white Chinese Ceramic Ming Dynasty Brush Pot with a three clawed dragon, a band of floral motifs below the rim, with a band of lotus petals around the lower part.

Although this brush pot has a rather unusual base atypical of Ming ceramics, it has been appraised through a reliable source as Middle Ming.

The Ming Dynasty was founded in 1328 by Zhu Yuanzhang, orphaned at the age of 16 years, he survived by begging until he became a novice in a Buddhist monastery.

During a conflict with a Buddhist sect known as the Red Turbans the monastery was burnt down. Zhu joined the rebels where he rose through the ranks and eventually married the daughter of one of his commanders.

At the age of 40 years old he distanced himself from the rebels to pursue more esoteric teachings.  His naming of the Ming dynasty is possibly referenced to the god of light, meaning “bright” who was revered by his former comrades.

Information referenced from an interesting website:  7 things you may not know about the Ming Dynasty

Chinese Ceramic Ming Dynasty Brush Pot
Face view Dragon Ming Dynasty Brush Pot
Blue & White Ming Dynasty ceramic Pot
Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Brush Pot
View 4 Ming Dynasty Brush Pot
Inside Ming Dynasty Blue & White Ceramic Pot
Base view Chinese Brush Pot
Base Ming Dynasty Blue & White Ceramic Pot
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