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AGE: – Few years old – 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Carved Reclining Buddha Statue – small knob broken on the left side of chair back (see picture)

HEIGHT: – 26cm
WIDTH:– 52.5cm
DEPTH: – 15.5cm
WEIGHT:– 3.7 kg.
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Chinese Carved Reclining Buddha Statue in wood, lying in a resting posture on an intricately carved chair supported by clawed feet. Gilding worn in places.

The reclining Buddha  or lying down Buddha is more often representative of the Buddha’s entering into parinirvana (dying). The reclining Buddha is also representative of the resting Buddha or relaxed Buddha, and is a popular posture in countries such as Thailand, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Japan and China, where Buddhism is the dominant religion, or in countries such as Malaysia where there is a large Buddhist population.

The reclining Buddha is a popular figure seen in almost all Chinese temples, pagodas and in Buddhist iconography and art.

The Buddha seen in this carving with one foot resting slightly behind the other is the posture of the sleeping or resting Buddha. In the dying posture (parinirvana) the Buddha is seen with the two feet aligned, one resting on top of the other.

Chinese Carved Reclining Buddha Statue
Chinese carved Wood Reclining Buddha Statue
Top View Chinese Carved reclining Buddha Statue
Side view Chinese Carved Wood Reclining Buddha Statue
Back View Chinese Carved Wood Buddha Statue
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