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Burmese Wood Carvings
Antique Wooden Burmese Mythical Creatures

Burmese Wood Carving Mythological Creatures
19th Century
Height: 48cm
Width: 27cm
Depth: 12cm
Weight: 3.85 Kg.

Burmese Wood Carving Of Mythological Bird Hintha

Burmese wood carving of mythological Hintha bird
19th Century
Height: 38cm
Width: 29cm
Depth: 13cm
Weight: 3 Kg.

19th Early 20th Century Burmese Teak Wood Nat Carving

Burmese Teak Wood Carving Nats, Demon, Naga
20th Century
Height: 76cm
Width: 36cm
Depth: 6cm

Burmese Wood Carving Of Nat Standing On Elephant

Burmese Gilded Wood Carving Nat & Elephant
Height: 91cm
Width: 53cm
Weight: 4.9 kg

Burmese Carved Wall Hanging Buddha Seated On Lotus Flower

Burmese Wood Carving Seated Buddha
Height: 44cm
Weight: 1.54 Kg.

Antique Burmese Teak Wood Carving Of Nats And Demon

Burmese Nats, Garuda & Demons - Carved from one piece of Teak wood
Height: 89cm
Width: 37cm
Depth: 29cm
Weight: 13.15 Kg.

Burmese Wood Buddhist Shrine 19th - 20th Century

Burmese Teak Wood Burmese Buddhist Shrine
19th Century
Height: 114cm
Width: Base 77cm Second Tier 57cm
Top tier 45cm
Depth: 52.5cm front to back of base

Burmese Wood Carving Of Mythological Nat Standing On Lotus Flower

Burmese Teak Wood Nat Carving
20th Century
Height: 60cm
Width: 41cm
Weight: 2.6 Kg. #100

Burmese Wood Carvings Myanmar Handicrafts – Wood carvers of Myanmar (Burma) are masters in the art of wood carving, they are intricate and usually three dimensional.

In Myanmar the oldest known remaining examples of wood carving date to the 11th century in Nagayon, Bagan. What exists there tells of a much greater lineage of craftsmanship that has since disappeared.

Most visitors to Myanmar (Burma) are struck by the diversity and beauty of the arts and crafts unique to this culturally rich country and the range of crafts made from teak wood and other types of wood is phenomenal.

The main inspiration for much of the Burmese Wood Carvings and Handicrafts is connected to Buddhism as well as the pre-Buddhist animistic beliefs.  This philosophical outlook, together with a rich tradition of story-telling and myth, along with a highly developed appreciation of aesthetics has been the inspiration and foundation for the creation of works of art that are uniquely Burmese.

You can find beautiful and exquisite carvings in many of the old temples and monasteries throughout Myanmar, they decorate doorways, windows and alters that are made to hold Buddha statues. Because many of these carvings are made from teak they still endure today despite the neglect they have suffered over the past 100 years.

Today many of the arts and crafts are still made in traditional ways, although this is  changing due to the lifting of sanctions and the opening of Myanmar to the outside world. Modern wood carvings are not quite as fine as those you might find in Thailand, although many older pieces are well executed.

Burmese carvings usually consist of organic shapes of human figures, mythical creatures and flowers, ornamental boxes and animals. Many wood carvings are created to adorn doorways, facades, rooftops and for decoration within Temples or Palaces.

Burmese arts and crafts continue to be a source of pride to all Burmese people and within Burmese communities artisans still enjoy a good measure of respect and is a thriving industry today.


Burmese Wood Carvings

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