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AGE: – 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Teak Wood Nat Spirit Figure – Age related wear, gild worn of in places and base has few cracks.

HEIGHT: – 69cm
WIDTH: – 30cm at widest part
DEPTH: – 13cm
WEIGHT: – 3.5 kg.
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Burmese teak wood Nat spirit figure with six arms, decorated with thayo lacquer and gilded. According to Burmese folklore this Nat represents either Taungmagyi known as Lord of Mainpeak, also known as Shin Nyo, “Lord Brown”, OR Maung Mishin, Lord of the northern hill, also known as Shin Phyu “Lord White”. These two Nats have shrines dedicated to them in the towns of Prome and Taungdwingyi and are usually represented with six arms.

Both were the sons of Min Mahagiri and the female naga. According to folklore both brothers in life were believed to be employed by their brother King Duttanbang, King of Pyay (prome), the ancient city of Srikshetra.

The king, afraid that he would be deposed by his two brothers requested that they have a wrestling match, whereupon both brothers died of exhaustion, thus they became Nats. Today, they are two of the pantheon of thirty seven Nats. This is just one of the tales which have survived relating to these two brothers.

According to Burmese folklore most of the Pantheon of 37 Nats died sudden, violent or tragic deaths, all connected to royalty, therefore being chosen by King Anawrahta would ensure that they would always be bound to royal servitude and to the area in which they met their demise, although according to those who have studied Nat cults in Burma consider most of the present day pantheon of thirty seven Nats evolved well after King Anawrahta’s reign.

Burmese Teak Wood Nat Spirit Figure
Burmese Teak Wood Nat spirit known as Maung Nyo
Side view of Teak wood Burmese Nat Spirit Maung Nyo
Back view of Burmese teak wood Nat spirit known as Maung Nyo
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