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Burmese Teak Wood Nat Carving

AGE: – 19th – Early 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood, Thayo Lacquer and glass mosaic decoration, gilded
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Teak Wood Nat Carving

HEIGHT: – 76cm
WIDTH: – 36cm
DEPTH: – 6cm
WEIGHT: – 6.25 kg.

Traditional decorative Burmese Teak Wood Nat Carving decorated with glass mosaics and gilded. The figures are representative of the characters from the famous Indian love story the “Ramayana”.

The Two Deva, one on the top of the carving and the other underneath on the right are also referred to as Nats and appear as though dancing. A naga (the Pali word for mythical servant) is carved into the bottom with the ogre Taw Belu on the left supporting the Deva.

There are two main ogres in Burmese mythology, one is called Nan Belu Burmese Mythological bird Garuda also referred to as “city demon” and the other Burmese Mythological Puppet Taw Belu also known as the jungle demon or forest ogre. These characters are almost always prominent in Burmese puppet shows.

This carving has sustained damage to several areas (see pictures) these are enlarged views of the damage, when looking at the overall carving the damage is not obvious.

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Burmese Teak Wood Nat Carving
Nat, demon and Naga of Burmese Carving
Top of Burmese Carving showing the Nat spirit
Mid section of Burmese wood carving Nat with Demon and Naga
Burmese Teak Wood carving of Demon, Naga and Nat spirit
Burmese Wood Carving of Nat spirit foot with damage
Burmese Teak wood carving of Garuda naga and Nat spirit with damage to foot
Burmese teak wood carving of naga garuda and Nat spirit
Burmese teak wood carving showing damage to hand
Burmese teak wood carvings showing damage to hand
Burmese teak wood carving showing damage to wood on hand
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